Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Well, I only went and bloody won it. The iPod, that is. Needless to say, I'm a bit pleased about it, if only because it meant I got an email from a proper, real life famous person.

Mostly I'm pleased about it because its made me feel wanted, and accepted. Which sounds really quite pathetic when I write it down, but there you go. I am, in general, a miserable bugger, and fitting in has never been one of my strong points. So to win something that relies on people liking me/something I've said feels odd, but gratifying. This feeling, one of being part of a gang, is what I'm enjoying most about the TYSIC so far. I've always liked the idea of doing daft things, just because I can, so to join a group of people of different ages, in different countries, who feel the same, well... I feel like I fit in somewhere.

I love the fact that there's people who, when faced with the idea of passing an iPod around the country and filling it with music they love, for the benefit of someone they've never met, have said 'yeah, great idea, lets do it!'. Most people, I'm sure, would ask why, or point out that the iPod could be stolen, or lost, or just dismiss it as a stupid idea. Knowing that there's people who think like me, who want to do something silly but fun just for the joy of doing something silly but fun makes me smile. Knowing that I'll be taking part in equally silly but fun projects for the next 10 years makes me smile even more.

Thank you, Mark Watson, and thank you, fellow TYSIC's, for letting me join your gang. You're all lovely, lovely people.


  1. Awesome!! Well done!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to participating in the chain to reach you or (if not needed) following its progress. And it'll be fun to discover what music various people put on for you (assuming that idea works) - and your reaction to that music.

  3. I voted for you, glad you won :)

  4. I voted for you too, so well done! It was the Frank Turner bit that swung it for me, are you going to see him on his latest tour?

    I hope to be participating in the chain to get it delivered as well, I think its such a brilliant idea!

  5. Very well done, although I am slightly disturbed by the power of Frank Turner fans. Is there nothing you can't achieve if you put your minds to it?