Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This week, I have been mostly listening to...

Even though I've only listened to 2 albums this week, I thought I should write a bit about the music part of my TYSIC, as I seem to have focused on the parenting part rather a lot lately. Though, to be fair, being a parent is what I do, so it's hardly surprising that I get a bit preoccupied with it.
So, this week I have listened to 'The Decline of British Sea Power' by, well, British Sea Power, and 'Angles' by Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Of the two, Angles is the one I'll be listening to again. British Sea Power were just a bit...meh. I can't remember anything about the album at all, and I listened to it twice, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything the first time. It was just boys with guitars, and I think I've grown out of boys with guitars music.
Angles, on the other hand, I rather enjoyed. OK, I think I'd possibly decided I was going to like it before listening, what with them being Stanford lads (and possibly the only good thing to ever come out of my home town, unless you count the train line to London). Again I listened to it twice, as the first time I was sitting in the kitchen with the washing machine on, and missed bits of songs. Lyrically I like them, despite being a bit 6th form poetry at times- I think that's part of the appeal. Magician's Assistant could have been aimed at me aged 18.

I've discovered, in the short time I've been doing this, that I'm more open to new music than I thought I was. From being nervous about listening to something new, I now look forward to the times I get a chance to open up Spotify and search for something I've had recommended to me. I've also found that going out of my comfort zone isn't really that uncomfortable at all. If asked I would say I generally like indie/rock type music- boys with guitars. But, as I said earlier, I'm getting bored with boys with guitars, and need something different. Maybe this is where I've been going wrong, and why I've not found anything new worth listening to- I've been looking in the wrong places.


  1. Have you tried Ok Go? Yes, boys and guitars are involved...but it's boys from Chicago so that's new ;) There latest album sounds a bit like if Prince made an indie rock album, if you can imagine.

  2. Ooh I love Scroobius Pip. I wouldn't have listened to them at all if my ex-boss hadn't made me borrow the album, but I was pleasantly surprised. When he said his son was in a band, I thought it was going to be really embarrassing to listen to and then I would have to lie and say it was good. I'm pleased I didn't have to go to the trouble in the end...

    Btw you have inspired me to start my own blog, and you already have a mention!

  3. Remind me to recommend more stuff to you:
    - Four Tet: rounds
    - 65daysofstatic: one time for all time.

    You might love them; you might hate them - regardless, you should listen!