Friday, 19 March 2010

TYSIC-year one, week two. A progress report.

2 weeks in already, doesn't time fly? Yes, I know we're 2 weeks and one day in really, but I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. How are things progressing?

Cakes- I now own a cake tin shaped like a number 1, to be used in 2 weeks time for the boys first birthday. Now all I've got to do is find a recipe, as I have no idea how much cake mixture I'll need to make a cake that size. I'm a bit annoyed, actually, as the tin claimed it came with instructions. It did- instructions to buy a ready made cake mix, and icing to decorate it with (all made by the same cake tin making company, funny, that.) I think I'm going to post on Mumsnet to ask if anyone has any tips/recipes. Mumsnetters know everything.

Music- As I said before, I listened to 2 albums this week, but didn't like them. Still, at least I tried. I'm going to listen to Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip's new album this week (if it's on Spotify), as I have Scroobius Pip's girlfriend as a friend on Facebook and she keeps posting about it. Besides, they come from my home town, so they must be good, right? We've also aquired a best of The Kinks CD, which I'll have a listen to.

Parenting- The young man is still happy (most of the time), and seems to still like me, so that must be going well. I know in my revious posr it might have sounded like I had all sorts of exotic plans for him, which I have, but they are long term. This is a 10 year project, after all. I know he won't get much out of far flung holidays and suchlike just yet, so for now I'm going to concentrate on smaller, more age appropriate activities. This week we went to the aquarium, which he seemed to enjoy. I bought an annual pass so we can go throughout the year, when I've run out of ideas for other activities. We went to toddler group too. I still don't like socialising, but it wasn't too bad, and he liked it, which is the point of going, really.
On the downside, I'm now attempting to drop one of his night feeds, as there's no way he really needs a feed at 12 and again at 3. He's just waking up out of habit now, and I need to try and get him out of it, for the sake of all our sanities. It's now 18 months since I had a full night's sleep, something's got to give. He wasn't happy last night, but did go back to sleep after half an hour of being offered water and being held by his dad rather than me. Now we've started this we're going to have to stick to it- I'm going to be a even more zombie like than usual for the next week or so...


  1. Does the tin have a volume/ indication of size that could be mathmatically converted to volume? That might help with the quantity thing... I like baking cakes, but not usually decorating them, so I am interested in your progress!

    Good look with the night feeding things. In terms of parenting, I'm going to say the obvious... read to him! That's something you can do for cheap/ free (= library joy) and can do when it's raining/ you're tired etc. I know it's important to do social things and introduce him to the world too, but the more you can read to him/ with him, the better he'll do at so many things (= reading fact).

    I like aquariums. Can I come too?

  2. it is literally impossible to go wrong with The Kinks.