Thursday, 31 March 2011

Still here...

Oh dear, I really did mean to keep up with this blog, but checking it today, it seems that I've not updated it for nearly a year. Oops. In my defence, I've been a bit busy...

I've decided to start writing again to try and keep me sane, as I'm currently adrift in a sea of sleeplessness, nappies and tantrums. Girl child is 5 1/2 weeks old, Boy child turns 2 in 2 days, and I look and feel about 90 years old.

Some observations about having 2 children.

Baby size has no bearing on how much labour hurts. In fact, Kitty's birth was slightly more painful, despite the fact she was almost 2lbs lighter, and I was on all fours when she was born. Second labours aren't always quicker, either. Both times it has taken exactly 6 1/2 hours. (Pushing was slightly quicker- 12 minutes compared to 19 minutes first time around) It was still relatively easy though. I'd happily do it again.

Newborns are dull. Lovely, but not very exciting compared to all singing, all dancing toddlers.

Having a girl scares me. I'm not a girly girl at all (even when, as a teenager I was dressed in eyeliner, feather boas and tiaras I was dressing to resemble Nicky Wire), and the thought of having a girl who likes Disney Princesses, make up and shopping makes me shudder. I will do my best to interest her in tree climbing and lego, though experience tells me that I will have very little say in her likes and dislikes.

Although Nicky isn't jealous of his new little sister at all, I get jealous on his behalf. Whenever anyone comments on the new baby and starts to make a fuss, I have to stop myself from saying 'yes, yes, but what about Nicky? Look at him- he's beautiful (no, really, he is) and he can almost talk in sentences. Much more interesting!'

Sleep deprivation second time around is hideous. First time around when baby slept I slept (or at least slobbed around rotting my brain watching daytime TV). This time around when baby sleeps I have to make lunch/run around the garden pretending to be an aeroplane/sing The Wheels On The Bus for the 15th time in a row/go to toddler group.

On a related note, I'm not waiting 4 months until I'm practically hallucinating from tiredness before I start to co-sleep. 2 nights this time around. She's not in with me all night, but when it's 3am and I've been up twice already, I'm not sitting up any more. She can feed while I sleep.

I'm more relaxed about handing baby over/hearing her cry. Not that I'll leave her to cry for ages or let strangers in the street walk off with her, but I'm much more relaxed this time around. I've realised that babies don't explode if they're not fed/changed/rocked within 5 seconds of them starting to whimper.

Newborn girls clothes are even more naff than newborn boys clothes. Luckily H&M do very good unisex stuff.

Despite the fact that life has turned upside down, and I've threatened to put the pair of them on ebay several times, I wouldn't swap my babies for anything. Not even a full night's sleep.

Taking Nicky to a farm tomorrow for his birthday, so I'd better get some sleep now. Very strange to think that my PFB is turning 2. I'm sure I've only just had him...

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